5 Loud Noises That Could Damage Your Hearing

Hearing Loss

5 Loud Noises That Could Damage Your Hearing

Extensive exposure to loud noise at your workplace or during your travel or during entertainment is very harmful to your hearing health. Prolonged exposure to an overly to loud noise or to an extremely loud short exposure may damage the inner ear, leading to hearing loss.  Be aware of the damaging loud noises and stay away from them.

Here are 5 loud noises that can damage your hearing

1. Electronics- Decrease the volume of your cell phone, tablets and headphones.  Most of them can reach up to 105 decibels, which are unsafe and can damage the ears completely. (Anything over 85dB is not recommended). 

2. Festivals and concerts- In this weekend, if you are attending a concert or festival then try to stay away from loudspeakers, which are highly risky to your ears. Try to carry your earplugs so that you can secure your ears completely. Keep your hearing at a safe distance.

3. Home improvement equipment - Do you want to tackle an upcoming home improvement project?  Put in earplugs before the chainsaw or nail guns are plugged. The sounds of nails and chainsaw produce sound more than 90dB. Safeguard yourself before it hurts you more. 

4. Balloons. The noise of bursting balloons at its highest level is similar to that of a high-powered shotgun. This noise from balloons can reach up to 168dB which is higher than bearable sound.  So, try to avoid the rupturing of the balloons which can be dangerous to health. 

5. Industrial tools-
The tools like hammer, nail or machines produce high noise which can reach 85-100dB. It is always advisable to wear protection while doing any sort of machinery activities. if you are the one who work with machinery tools then you must check your ears for better hearing. 

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consult a doctor who will help you in providing the best hearing aids if required.