Do I need to wear two hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids

Do I need to wear two hearing Aids?

Why there is a need to wear 2 Hearing Aids? If you discover that you are suffering from Hearing Loss, then have to visit an Audiologist to check your Hearing Loss Condition. It is always recommended to wear 2 Hearing Aids as it will improves better Hearing. About 2 years back I received a client of aged 54 years with a compliant of, hard of hearing since a longer time.  Initially, she was discovered with moderate Hearing loss. She was recommended for wearing 2 Hearing Aids but she insisted to go with only one Hearing aid, only for the one she was facing the problem with. After 2 years she revisited the Hearing Clinic and noticed that her Hearing condition was better to the ear she was using the hearing aid while hearing condition became  worse to the other ear to which she wasn’t using any hearing aid The decrease in the hearing is because of using a monaural hearing aid rather than a binaural hearing aid. 

At this point, she was strongly recommended to wear Binaural Hearing Aids. Finally, she was replaced with 2 Hearing aids. She was elated and said” “I can go ahead with one but Oh God! having two is so much better for my hearing.”  with the difference in hearing and regretted to skip 2 Hearing Aids. 

Why there is a Need to wear 2 Hearing Aids?

Our Hearing is linked up with the Brain processing. Proper Hearing from both the ears will send all the important information directly to the brain that will help in better Hearing and Understanding. Any damage in the ears or any problem with the hearing will not allow the sound waves to reach to the brain or will not be able to process with it. In such conditions, Hearing Aids will amplify the sound waves and process better Hearing. By wearing binaural hearing aids you will improve the distant communication and will able to localize sounds better. Most importantly Hearing Aids will improve the ability to understand the conversation.

Is it mandatory to wear the 2 Hearing Aids.?

Hearing Loss is different from one person to another. Wearing 2 hearing aids will depend on the degree of Hearing Loss a person is facing. Before deciding to go ahead with monaural hearing aids or binaurall hearing aids, one has to get his ears tested by an Audiologists at regular intervals. 

Being an Audiologist, I would have always recommended visiting a Hearing Clinic when you see the basic signs of Hearing Loss like

In today’s world, digital hearing aids work well with binaural hearing aids  that  helps in improving your ability to hear in a noisy environment. This creates a more natural sound and makes life better.  Being an Audiologist I refer you to download HEARZAP. It is an app which will help you to deal with all hearing needs. You can either book an appointment or perform a self assessment by using the HEARZAP. You will always have a lot of choices while selecting the hearing aid. The  best part of this hearing app, HEARZAP is that you will  always have a chance to book a Home visit and book an appointment right at your comfort place. Download HEARZAP or visit Hearing Solutions clinics at your nearest for better assistance.