Do people lose hearing as they age?

Hearing Loss

Do people lose hearing as they age?

It’s a bit annoying but it is the truth that Hearing Loss has a direct impact on the human brain!!!

After a couple of researches, it was observed and noticed that human memory is directly linked up to the hearing condition. About 40%-50% of adults over the age of 65 to 70 are suffering from Dementia in which 83% of the patients are suffering from hearing loss. Memory loss with decreased hearing condition cases are quite more, infact in a research done by Istock Adults with hearing loss are significantly more likely than adults with normal hearing to develop Dementia ( Memory Loss). These researches show that hearing loss really affects human health. We have to understand the hidden effects of hearing loss which are quite significant for both cognitive function and neural integrity. Let’s discuss how the hearing loss will affect the brain


How Does Hearing Loss Affect the Brain?

The brain is the centre part of the body. It gets affected for both physical and intangible ailments. But the ability of hearing will directly affect the functions of the brain.

Effect 1- Cross-Modal Cortical Reorganization

As the name sounds complicated even the condition is a bit complicated in human life. A person will lose the ability to recognize the person and will recognize the wrong things like names, places and many more. A person will experience the cross-linking of the situation and seem to identify differently.

Effect 2- Excessive feebleness

Feebleness is nothing but getting tired or worn out completely. Hearing loss will make the brain work more than its usual and leads to quick tiredness. Hearing loss patients will feel more tired and will not be able to stay active for a longer period of time.

Effect 3- Lost of senses

Generally, people refer to the “loss of Sense” as madness but it is not truth. Hearing loss is the main reason for the issue of “loss of senses”.  As the condition of hearing loss increases the connection with sounds also get decreased thereby  decreasing the chances to react to the external things or the senses faster. 

Effect 4- Detrimental Effect

A person will develop a Detrimental Effect. Detrimental effect means degenerating the sound process by the brain. This will lead to major problem in understanding the speech and language.

All these above effects are quite very common in aged people. According to the hearing loss pattern and researches, it is observed that Aged people are more prone to get affected to Hearing loss.  As a person ages the hearing capacity might decrease in aged people.

Will Hearing Aids Help in reducing the effect on Brain?

In many cases, hearing aids compensate for the natural effect of hearing loss. The regular utilization of hearing aids will help your brain to adapt itself to the new source of the sound. Hearing aids will stimulate the hearing centres in the brain and continue their intended purpose without any sort of gap over time. On a later end, a hearing aid will help the person to decrease the effects on the brain and can hold the memories for a longer period of time.


Where can I find these Hearing Aids?

We can find these hearing aids anywhere But never go ahead directly by trusting the untrusted online portals. Any health-related problem has to be treated well under the guidance of the experts. If you are really facing any sort of hearing problem then consult a doctor before buying a hearing aid. Self-treatment is equal to no treatment.

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