What are some tips for hearing aids care?

Hearing Aids

What are some tips for hearing aids care?

Are you using Hearing Aids? Do you know how to take care of them? Have you ever heard that moisture and debris can destroy the functionality of hearing aids?

There are many things you have to take care of your hearing aids which ensures optimal performance hearing aids. Here are the few tips that you can do to keep your hearing aids for a longer time and can give you longer usability

Tip 1 - Avoid moisture and always store hearing aids in a dry place. - Moisture can cause serious damage to your hearing aid. Never try to dry the hearing aids with the help of hair dryers or heating devices. Hearing Aids are made of highly sophisticated technology. There are very tiny circuits that might damage them if used wrongly. Use a hearing aid dehumidifier for storing the devices when they get wet accidentally.

Tip 2- Clean the hearing aids and remove the ear wax. - Keep your devices clean. Clogged Ear wax can decrease the performance of hearing aids.  It is highly impossible to avoid the contact of earwax with hearing aids, but try to clean the hearing aids regularly with the help of dry cotton swabs or soft toothbrushes which will clear the ear wax or the debris. Change your Wax filters regularly. 

Tip 3- Change hearing aid batteries often.
You have to change the batteries regularly. If the hearing aid is not in use, it is always advised to open the hearing aid battery slot as closure of hearing aid battery slot for a longer period of time can damage the hearing aid devices. And it is also advised to open the battery slot when not in use. 

Tip 4 - Always handle with care. - Hearing aids are fragile in nature, so you really have to take care of your hearing aids for longer durability. Keep them away from children and also from pets. Always hold them carefully and avoid dropping them on any hard places. Always use soft things like cotton swabs to clean the batteries. Always be careful with the devices and be sure while holding the hearing aids in hands. 

Tip 5- Schedule routine General Servicing.

 As we give our bikes to servicing even hearing aids have to be taken care of by the professionals. Schedule an appointment with Audiologist for every 6 months who take care of the devices completely. Only audiologists can do some minute adjustments that are required for better hearing. Any changes in the devices have to be considered carefully. 

Use these tips for better hearing. You can find the best hearing aids at Hearing solutions. 

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