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Hearlink 1500 MNR Hearing Aid

Rs. 26,124.99 Rs. 34,990.00 25% off

(inclusive of all taxes)


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2 Year Warranty


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Product Description

This digital/programmable miniature hearing aid rests behind the ear. A thin wire from the hearing aid connects the receiver which is placed in the ear canal. This is a ready to fit hearing instrument that are virtually invisible. Can be fitted for people with mild to severe hearing loss.


  • Color

    Taupe, Dark gray

  • Ear Type

    Binaural, Monaural

  • Ear Preference

    Left, Right, Both

Demo Video

What’s inside the box

  • Hearing Aid

    1 Item

  • User Guide

    1 Item

  • Cleaning Kit

    1 Item

  • 2 Years Manufacturing Warranty + 0% Emi + 1 Strip Batteries

    1 Item


This hearing aid suits well to the below life style environments



Good Fit(70.0%)

For People With Slow Living - Pursuing Hobbies - Spending Time Travelling And With Family And Friends.

  • Conversations In Quiet Room
  • Home Telephone And Electric Gadgets
  • Alarm Sounds (Door Bell, Name Call, Phone Ring Etc)
  • One To One Conversation With Family And Friends


Good Fit(62.0%)

Regular Time Bound Work Hours- Balanced Social, Personal And Professional Life

  • Conversation In A Quiet Room
  • Quite Open Places
  • Conversation With 2-3 People
  • Quiet Restaurant Dining And Driving


Inadequate Fit(54.0%)

For People With Limited Social Life.

  • Mobile Phones & Televisions
  • Small Group Conversations
  • Business Meetings
  • Conversation In Side-By-Side Rooms.


Inadequate Fit(41.0%)

For People Multitasking Domestic And Exposed To A Wide Range Of Listening Scenarios- Active Lifestyle.

  • Conversations/Lectures In Large Rooms (Open/ Reverberant Halls)
  • Movie Theatres
  • Large Groups
  • Restaurants & Shopping


Poor Fit(36.0%)

For People Multitasking Domestic And Exposed To A Wide Range Of Listening Scenarios- Active Lifestyle.

  • Outdoor Activities Like Sports
  • Music And Driving
  • Entertainment Venues (Exhibitions, Gaming Zones Etc)
  • Windy Outdoors

Care & Maintenance Video

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Rs. 26124.99 Rs. 34990.00 Save 25%





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