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First, you need to figure out if hearing loss is affecting your daily life. Your family may have noticed you are not hearing as well as you did in the past. If you are having trouble communicating and keeping up with your regular lifestyle, this can have an impact on your decision. Your audiologist can test your hearing to help determine if you have hearing loss and, if necessary, work with you on options that may help you.

Individuals of any age group can suffer from hearing loss. It can range from mild to profound (i.e., 30db- 90db above). Below are the signs and symptoms which can help you in identifying your hearing loss ● Require frequent repetition. ● Have difficulty following group conversations. ● Have difficulty hearing in noisy situations, like conferences, restaurants, malls, or crowded meeting rooms. ● Trouble hearing children and women. ● Turned up to high volume ● Respond inappropriately in conversations. ● Ringing sound in your ears. ● Reading lips or more intently watch people's faces when they speak to you. If your answer is yes for any of the 3-5 in the above list, then consult an audiologist immediately, or you can directly either examine yourself by taking a quick test using HEARZAP or book an appointment with professional audiologists through HEARZAP right at your doorstep.

No, hearing aids are designed to make things easier to hear, but cannot restore the natural functioning of your ear. Hearing aids also do not prevent the progression of hearing loss over time.

Hearing loss can either be hereditary or acquired from illness, ototoxic (ear-damaging) drugs, exposure to loud noise, tumors, head injury, or due to the aging process. This loss may occur by itself or with tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Get detailed Hearing Evaluation by booking an appointment with HEARZAP.

The life of a hearing aid is about five to six years. Many hearing aids are still functioning well after six years, while others may need a tuneup or repairs.

Quick is an easy method of taking hearing tests using HEARZAP without any professional assistance at your home.

The majority of hearing aids today use zinc-air batteries. This kind of battery is made specifically for hearing aids and comes in a variety of sizes to work with different devices. You can find hearing aid batteries at almost any store that sells regular batteries, including most pharmacies and grocery stores.

Quick test is a screening tool to create awareness about once hearing levels. It can identify the hearing levels of an individual. Several factors can influence the results such as environment and earphones, etc. However, you will always get assisted by the HEARZAP expert team to take a live hearing test at your convenience.

Here’s why two hearing aids can be better than one: Better hearing in a noisy environment: Hearing in a noisy environment can be improved if the signal reaching each ear arrives at a slightly different moment in time. This time difference can help the brain process a speech signal more efficiently. Improved signal vs. noise level: Sound source matters: If you have a hearing aid in only your left ear and the person speaking to you is on your right side, much of the speech signal is lost by the time it gets to your aided ear, while the level of the noise in the room enters the aided ear at its normal volume level. Improved ability to localize sounds: The brain uses the sound entering the ears from the right and left side of the head to determine the direction of the sound source. Having a hearing aid in only one ear can alter this sense of direction.

After you book an appointment through HEARZAP, a hearing expert with the latest technology hearing test equipment and hearing aids will visit your home and perform the hearing test that can deliver accurate results.

Yes, you can return the purchased device within 10 days. Kindly check our returns policy for more information.

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