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Do I need to wear two hearing Aids?


Why there is a need to wear two hearing aids?

If you discover that you might be suffering from hearing loss, then you must visit an audiologist and get your ears checked. Based on the hearing loss, an audiologist will recommend a hearing aid. It is always recommended to wear two hearing aids rather than one, as it will help in listening better.

Being audiologist, I saw many clients who have experienced their hearing declined to the other ear (the one which is not affected before) over time by using only one hearing aid. About 2 years ago, I received a client aged 54 with discomfort in hearing for a longer time. She was told to use two hearing aids, but she bought only one hearing aid, only for the one for which she was facing the problem. 

 After 2 years she revisited the hearing clinic with a hearing loss to another ear. She addressed that, the ear which has the hearing aid have hearing enhancement while the ear other started facing the hearing loss problem. This is due to the usage of monaural hearing aid rather than a binaural hearing aid. Within 2 years, her monaural hearing aid was replaced with a binaural hearing aid and she started feeling better with binaural hearing aids. 

 Why there is a need to wear 2 hearing aids?

Our hearing is linked up with brain processing. Proper hearing from both the ears will send all the information directly to the brain. This will help in hearing better and understanding well. Any damage in the ears or any problem with the listening will not allow the sound waves to reach the brain and process it further. In such conditions, hearing aids will amplify the sound waves and process better. By wearing binaural hearing aids, one can improve distant communication and will be able to localize sounds. Hearing aids can improve the ability to understand the conversation.

 Is it mandatory to wear the 2 hearing aids?

Hearing loss is different from one person to another. Wearing 2 hearing aids will depend on the degree of hearing loss a person is facing. Before deciding to go ahead with monaural hearing aids or binaural hearing aids, one has to get their ears tested by an audiologist at regular intervals. 

Being an audiologist, I would have always recommended visiting a hearing clinic when you see the basic signs of hearing loss like

● Asking for repetitions.

● Trouble in hearing over the telephone. 

● Turning on the tv volume high. 

● Misunderstanding the speech.

● Thinking that others seem to mumbles.

● Limited, poor, or no speech.

● Learning difficulties in children.

● Fails to respond to the background noise or any speech. 

● Does not react to loud sounds.

● Unable to experiment with the babbling of new sounds.

In today’s world, digital hearing aids work well with binaural hearing aids and help in improving the ability to hear even in a noisy environment. 

 You can directly do a self-assessment by using the HEARZAP and will always have many choices while selecting a hearing aid. The best part of this hearing app is you will always have a chance to book a home visit and book an appointment right at your comfort place. 


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