Hearing Aid Battery P675

₹ 240₹ 240

In The box

A Strip Consist of 6 Batteries


  • Ideally, a P675 hearing aid battery lasts for 20-25 days. However, the life span is relative to the usage of the hearing aid 

  • Typically used for Superpower  BTE and power BTE Hearing Aids.

  • These are standard Zinc-Air Batteries

  • Suitable for all brands of Hearing Aids 

  • Consistent Voltage Level 

  • Can be stored for a longer period of time when not in use.

  • They are activated once the protective sticker is removed.

  • They are reliable and safe.

  • Free and Fast Delivery of the product.

  • Shipping across India


       Directions for Use :

  • Remove the old battery from your hearing aid. Ensure that the battery you are using is the appropriate size.

  • Open the protective sticker on the P675  battery and wait for 2 minutes. This allows it to get activated.

  • Open the Battery door carefully and insert the battery with the positive side facing upwards. Please note that the “flat side” of the battery is positive while the “raised side” is negative.

  • Check the positioning of the battery if you are having any trouble closing the battery door.


Colour Blue
Power 675
Number of strips 1
Battery Hours Blue: 200-220 Hours
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