P312 Hearing Aid Battery

₹ 240₹ 240

In The box

A Strip consist of 6 Signia Hearing Aid Batteries


Product Details:

  • Brand:Signia Siemens

  • Size :P312

  • 6 batteries in a pack

  • Battery Life : 8-9 days

       Product Description:

  • Ideally, a P312  hearing aid battery lasts for 8-9 days with an average usage of 10 hours per day

  • Typically used for In The Ear(ITE),In the Canal(ITC),Mini BTE Hearing Aids

  • These are standard Zinc-Air Batteries

  • Suitable for all brands of Hearing Aids 

  • Consistent Voltage Level 

  • Environment Friendly as they are mercury-free

  • They are activated once the protective sticker is removed.

       Directions for Use:

  • Remove the old battery from your hearing aid. Ensure that the battery you are using is the appropriate size.

  • Open the protective sticker on the P312  battery

  • Open the Battery door carefully and insert the battery with the positive side facing upwards.

  • Check the positioning of the battery if you are having any trouble closing the battery door.

       Shipping Details:

  • Free Home Delivery

  • Shipping across India


Colour Brown
Power 312
Number of strips 1
Battery Hours Brown : 100-120 Hours
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