Benefits of wearing 2 hearing aids

By Team Hearzap | June 24, 2024

Do I need to wear two hearing Aids?

Each ear is connected to the opposite side of the brain. It is always recommended to wear two hearing aids if you have auditory deprivation in both ears simply because you'll hear tremendously better. Some of the questions new hearing aid users would be asking are, “Do I really need to wear two hearing aids?”, “Why can't I just wear one?”. 

One hearing aid is all you need if you only have hearing loss in one ear and normal or nearly normal hearing in the other, however even if you have mild hearing loss in both ears, it is extremely important to have two hearing aids. Let's explore the reasons why two hearing aids are better effective than wearing a single hearing aid. 

Binaural hearing aids prevent further hearing loss 

The longer our ears go without proper auditory input, the worse the degree of hearing loss becomes, this is especially true as we age. This is why your audiologist will suggest you to wear two hearing aids if you suffer from binaural (both ears) hearing loss, or unilateral hearing loss, it is essential to wear a hearing aid even in the ear that has little hearing loss as the chances of exacerbating the hearing impairment in that ear is pretty probable. 

Wearing hearing aids for both ears reduces tinnitus

Hearing aids can lessen or completely remove the sense of an uncomfortable ringing sound in the ears called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a fairly common occurrence normally associated with hearing loss. According to studies, treating tinnitus in one or both ears with two hearing aids is more successful. Ask your audiologist about the tinnitus-masking features included in some models of hearing aids if you suffer from severe tinnitus.

Your brain will find it easier to localise sounds

As mentioned before, your left ear gives information to the right brain and the right ear gives information to the left brain. When both your ears are being stimulated with the help of two hearing aids, some significant sound localisation and amplification becomes enormously easier for your brain. Your ears may receive sound but the brain is responsible for processing it. 

You will be able to hear more natural sounds

When both ears are fitted with hearing aids, the perceived loudness might rise by up to 10 dB. This is because of a phenomenon called binaural summation. In essence, using hearing aids in both ears to amplify sounds improves the sound quality overall without altering the frequencies. This will enable the wearer to listen to the surrounding sounds in their most natural form.


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