When Should You Consult An Audiologist?

By Team Hearzap | June 19, 2024

Audiologist Consultation

“When should you consult an audiologist?” — An uncommon question to a very common problem: hearing loss. But most people hardly notice their hearing loss until a loved one points it out. Think again! Do people always tell you that your speaker volume needs to be lowered? And do you constantly ask people to repeat what they have said? Do you hear a loud ringing in your ears? If you’ve answered yes, then it’s time to consider seeing an audiologist.

Who Are Audiologists and What Do They Do?

Audiologists are hearing health professionals specializing in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring hearing ailments as well as vestibular (balance) disorders. Some of the several hearing problems that people go through are age-induced and noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus, conductive hearing loss, otosclerosis, and many more.

If you are experiencing hearing problems like the ones mentioned above, seeing a hearing healthcare professional for a proper evaluation and treatment options is essential.

8 Reasons You Should Consult an Audiologist

  • Lose of Body Balance: If you have ever felt extreme dizziness like you were about to lose balance and fall for no reason, it is essential to consult an audiologist immediately.
  • Ringing in the Ears: This condition is called  “Tinnitus” in medical terminology. If you are experiencing a prolonged ringing in your ears, it is best not to ignore it, thinking it will go away. If you ignore it, it may escalate and turn into profound hearing loss.
  • Turning Up the Volume: This can be a problem in public situations. If people constantly tell you your speaker volume is unreasonably high, visiting the audiologist is sound advice.
  • Avoiding Social Gatherings: This is not about being an ‘introvert’, as introverts do it out of choice and not because they’re helpless. But suppose you have started to avoid social gatherings due to the fear of being unable to communicate or being judged for having hearing loss. In that case, you should immediately see your audiologist.
  • Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss: In some cases, people may suddenly feel like they’re unable to hear normally for a short while. If such a situation persists for too long, you should get your hearing checked by an audiologist to examine any undiagnosed hearing conditions.
  • Unable to Hear Certain Letters: In rare cases, people might be unable to hear some letters or sounds in speech. For example, someone says “school” and you hear “pool” or “cool”. Leaving such conditions undiagnosed can increase the chances of miscommunication which may land you in unnecessary situations.
  • Unable to Understand High-Pitched Voices: In rare cases, hearing loss may restrict the person from being able to catch high-pitched sounds, like the sound of a woman or a baby. In both situations, you know what’s at stake. Hence, you should consider paying a visit to the audiologist.
  • Excess Ear Wax Buildup: We’ve all heard stories about people trying to clear out excess dirt and wax from their ears using random objects they could get their hands on. Such activities are best avoided, as they may lead to serious ear damage.

Top 3 Benefits of Consulting an Audiologist

  • Comprehensive Hearing Tests: Audiologists can conduct accurate and comprehensive hearing tests with the right equipment to give you authentic and reliable reports.
  • Early Diagnosis: Audiologists can diagnose a wide range of hearing issues early. It is always advisable to approach and find a solution for hearing loss as early as possible to avoid escalating the situation.
  • Expert Advice on Treatment Options: Your audiologist can offer you the best counselling so you can have clarity on how to go about the treatment process. You can also discuss customised treatment plans with your audiologist.

We have answered some of your basic questions regarding audiologists to give you a better perspective. And by now, we hope you have decided to meet with your audiologist for the first time. But you’re probably concerned about your budget. Hearing Solutions is offering free hearing consultations at your nearest hearing experience store. Or take a free 5-minute hearing test on our mobile app Hearzap—our digital partner. 

Happy hearing with Hearzap!


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